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Always reachable with a second landline number on your mobile phone

One of the most important questions entrepreneurs face in this interconnected world is how to ensure that communication between customers, employees and the company itself is as optimal as possible. Depending on the size of the business, you may need to install a telephone system to ensure communication between different employees and, of course, provide a high level of customer service and accessibility. But did you know that cloud telephony for businesses today has much more to offer and is actually indispensable for a first-class service?


Why a VoIP phone system?

Long gone are the days when the only way to connect to the phone was via a cable. More and more businesses are switching to business VoIP solutions, making traditional phone lines increasingly a thing of the past. But why is the rise of VoIP unstoppable? There are a number of reasons. Not least, the costs are simply much lower. After all, there is no need to maintain the physical telephone exchange, in principle an unlimited number of employees can use it, and call costs are lower. Moreover, VoIP can easily be scaled up and down, which is ideal for fast-growing or seasonal businesses, for example. But a VoIP telephone system is not only interesting because of these economic advantages.


Working from home is getting easier

During the Corona crisis, it became apparent once again that the ability to work both at home and in the office is essential for any business. With a VoIP telephone system, employees with a business telephone number can also call and be called from home. The business landline number can be forwarded to the mobile phone and the administrator can make the settings remotely in an online portal. All that is needed is an internet connection.


More ways than ever to provide better service to customers

When a customer calls to arrange something, you naturally want to make that happen as well and as quickly as possible. A VoIP telephone system, for example, supports this in various ways:


– A digital answering machine: this allows customers to leave a message if the queue is too long or if the phone cannot be picked up temporarily.


– A drop-down menu: “To better serve you, we ask you to choose from the following options”. When you hear this message, a drop-down menu is used. This can help customers get to the right department more quickly.


– A pre-announcement tone: If multiple phone numbers are used, it can be useful to let callers know which number will be called next


– A welcome message: Actually a must for professional customer service. With a welcome message you can greet your customers in a consistent and professional manner and give them a business card of your company.


– A queue: Sometimes there can be peak traffic when many customers call at the same time. If this is more customers than the staff can handle, you can use a queue. This is a professional way to keep customers waiting – if there is no other option – before they are answered.


– Recording conversations: By recording conversations, you can train your staff to help customers better and better. You can also record all contractual agreements this way.


Always reachable with VoIP


Nothing is more annoying than not being available when your customer needs you. A VoIP telephone system reduces this risk in several ways:


– A call filter: allows you to (temporarily) block selected incoming phone numbers and keep the line free for other numbers.


– Direct forwarding: Is the call centre closed? No problem, incoming calls can be forwarded directly to mobile phones or even to a call centre abroad


– Managing traffic peaks: If you are running a very successful marketing campaign

you may experience peak traffic. With a VoIP switch, this is not a problem and peak traffic is handled seamlessly.


– Second number from landline to mobile: Simply transfer calls to your mobile device. A London phone number or a New York phone number on your mobile.


How do you choose the best VoIP solution?


A VoIP telephone exchange offers many options. But there are also many different providers. How can you be sure you are choosing the best solution? It is advisable to compare prices and look for ease of use, but also make sure that all options are included in the package. Many VoIP providers offer low prices at first, but you always have to pay extra for additional options.