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Fun and educational activities

The activities you can do during your workouts should NOT be limited to the classic team-building games and icebreakers! There are many other types of activities for grown-ups that you can use as well, and these activities each have a different purpose and benefit.

The Cloze Task

This exercise, which consists of part of the text omitting certain words, appears in all kinds of tests and exams. Sometimes a word is given as a clue, but its form may change. A word choice or multiple-choice question may even be offered.

Studying research chemicals

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There are many ways to organize a debate, but just like a discussion, a debate must be well structured. Unless the participants are already well versed in the arguments on a particular topic, give them a scenario or case to debate.

Role Play

In a role-play, you give your group a scenario and they play it out, with each participant playing a different role.

Usually you conduct role-playing in groups of three, with two participants each playing a role and one participant acting as an observer (if the class is not divisible by three, there may be two observers). You can conduct the role-play more than once for the same group, allowing participants to switch roles.


Crossword puzzles can be difficult for some and fun for others; they are great for testing a student’s passive knowledge. The teacher can also play an active role in this game by giving clues, i.e., giving a synonym or antonym, drawing a picture, using mime and impersonation, or playing executioner to get the student’s answer.