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How a heated coat keeps you warm all winter long

With the cold months approaching, it is necessary to keep yourself well warm. If you are working outside a lot or enjoying the winter weather on a nice walk, a little extra warmth can’t hurt. You can of course put on a warm jumper and scarf to make sure you don’t get cold but these days there are also very trendy ways to warm yourself. The heated jacket is an example of this. With a heated jacket, you can enjoy the outdoors without getting a cold body yourself.

Heated jacket

The heated jacket is available in two versions and also comes as a women’s and men’s model. As a wearer, you have the option of ordering a heated jacket with five heating elements. This model ensures that your entire upper body is heated. The heated jacket can be used in three different modes, allowing you to choose how much heat you want at that particular moment. When it gets colder, you quickly turn up the heating one level so that the cold will fade away.

Besides the model with five heating elements, there is also a heated jacket with ten heating elements. Twice as many heating elements in a jacket means it can also get twice as hot. Of the ten heating elements, six are placed on the back and four on the stomach. The heated jacket can be adjusted per five elements. As it were, you have the same jacket only twice as warm.

All winter long

These jackets are powered by a powerful power bank. The jacket with five elements comes with one power bank, while the jacket with ten elements comes with two power banks. With the included power banks, you can already enjoy a considerable period of warmth, but if you want to heat even longer, you can always order an extra set of power banks. 

Besides the heated jacket made of softshell fabric, there is also a new model. The new model is a lined jacket containing ten heating elements. Because the jacket is lined, it is already a bit warmer than the softshell jacket to begin with. So you can enjoy a wonderfully warm jacket even on the very coldest days.

Besides the heated jacket, there are many other ways to keep you warm. BERTSCHAT®’s experts can advise you on which heated products are best suited for you. If you suffer from cold hands, there are various heated gloves; if you have cold feet, heated socks or insoles can provide warmth. Depending on your purpose, you can always find a solution in addition to the heated jacket. If you are interested in heated products, take a look at www.bertschat.co.uk. Here you will find all possible solutions. You will not have to be cold anymore this winter.