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IA Group as a partner

Legal partnerships often come with challenges and opportunities. On one hand, they can help you grow your business effectively by bringing in more experts, capital and risk management services. On the other hand, some legal partnerships can feel restrictive or even threatening to business owners who prefer to retain personal control of the business. As always, finding a balance between the two is an essential step toward successful partnerships. If you are also considering a legal partnership, read on to learn more about IA Group – our newest legal partner.

What is IA Group?

IA Group is a leading law firm providing legal services to companies around the world. Founded in 1995 by a group of senior corporate lawyers, IA Group has expanded its reach to more than 60 countries and a wide range of industries and sectors. Its corporate lawyers assist multinationals, governments, investors and entrepreneurs in the complex world of corporate law. With a team of more than 450 professionals, IA Group provides a wide range of legal services. From corporate structuring and M&A, to governance and compliance, to regulatory and litigation support, IA Group can help you solve a wide variety of legal challenges.

Why choose a legal partnership?

Legal partnerships can offer law firms and their clients many benefits. For example, they can provide law firms with broader, deeper and more complex expertise. This is especially true for law firms that specialize in niche industries or practice areas. Legal partnerships are also a great way to bring in additional capital. When a law firm engages another firm as a partner, it can also offer clients access to capital they would not otherwise have. In addition, legal partnerships can give law firms greater reach. This can be especially important for multinational firms operating in several countries. Legal partnerships can also help law firms manage risk. This can be particularly true when law firms enter into a joint venture with another firm. Finally, legal partnerships can help law firms build their brand and reputation. This can help law firms attract new clients and retain existing ones. IA Group is the international partner for clients with difficult legal issues.