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The essentials you need for vaping

If you want to start vaping it’s important you have the right equipment at home. You have a lot of different vapes. You have the ones that are portable and you have bigger ones you can put on a table. But the essentials are pretty much the same for every kind of vaporizer.


Vape juice

It’s always important to have your vape juice. If you don’t have that with you, you can forget about smoking. You put this in your vape if your done with installing it. You can get a vape juice in a lot of different flavours. You can get them with or without tobacco taste it’s up to you.


Vape coils

Then we have a vape coils. This is a piece in your vape that will transform your vape juice into the vapor. The most Stater kits will come with a couple of coils. You have a couple different versions, and in a starters kit they will give you a couple so you can see which you like the best.


Vape batteries

Then you also need vape batteries. Otherwise your vape will not be working. You have vaporizer that need to be charged. But you also have vaporizers that need a battery change.


Cases and skins

The last thing you need but it’s also optional are cases and skins. With the cases you can keep everything for your vape in one place. And with the skins you can customize your vaporizer and make it look like whatever you want. Even though the most vaporizer look really good like for example the linx gaia.  


The difference between a desktop vaporizer and portable vaporizers

There is a vape for every lifestyle, if your home a lot or out a lot there is a vape that will fit you. Mabe your choice isn’t really hard and you know exactly what you want.

The main difference is the prices. If you want a desktop vaporizer it is going to cost you a little bit more money. That is because a desktop vaporizer is a little bigger and it has more functions. And if you want to vape with your friends a desktop vaporizer is a better choice.

But if your someone who is out a lot you can better go for a portable vaporizer. And the linx gaia is a beautiful model to get. A portable vaporizer like linx gaia is also a little bit cheaper. With a portable vaporizer you can’t do as much as you can with de desktop vaporizer but it’s still a lot.