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What is product market fit

 You may focus on more compelling product features, redesign for new markets, create different assumptions and solutions, or find a completely new idea. In any case, this usually means a major product revision or possible restart. For example, Airbnb is not always a community-driven hotel company. It used to revolve around an air cushion on the floor of the living room. Airbnb was originally called airbedandbreakfast.com and was founded during a popular design conference in San Francisco. The founder provided participants with an air bed and breakfast in the living room. They had some success in the early days, but wanted a better PMF. Therefore, they no longer just focus on meetings, but instead look for travelers who need to stay anywhere in the world. They started charging for their services as a way for travelers to find local, authentic accommodation and the Internet at the same time. And, of course, you can get a free breakfast every morning.


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what is product market fit