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Construction Management Application

Construction management is not an easy task. As a manager, you have to ensure your team is on schedule, the project does not exceed the required budget, and the work environment remains safe for all employees.

Luckily, there are various applications to assist you in streamlining your project and ensuring your team is effective and efficient throughout the project. A good example is taskXS. Projects management usually varies depending on the size of the project. A large project might require a team of managers, while a smaller one needs only one. To understand these applications better, here is a guide of what they entail.


1. Document management and storage

Many documents are usually shared before and during construction between the suppliers, contractor, owner, and subcontractors before and during construction. It is easier to manage the flow of these documents with an application since they have collaboration and storage capabilities, especially if your project is large.


2. Changing orders

In case an order needs to be changed, a change order can be submitted using the application


3. Instant syncing

Information can be lost easily in projects. This isn’t the case with an application. All information is immediately uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.


4. Daily logs

Daily logs in a project help you as the project manager track the project’s progress. In case of any issues, it is easy to make follow-ups later.


5. Reporting

Construction projects need summary reports on the budget, spending information, or project progress. Most construction management applications provide this option.


6. Making submittals

Construction applications give you the option to make submittals on equipment or materials to the architect.



Construction management software is a collaboration tool for both teams and individuals in construction. It can handle several aspects of your project, making work easier and faster.