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Particle and powder research

Research on particles and powders is important for their application in specific products. Nanoparticles are used to improve many different products in industry. Think about medicines and food, but also automobiles and building materials. Solids Solutions specialises in particle and powder technology and carries out extensive research in this area. This is done in the laboratory in Delft, where all the necessary instruments are available to identify the properties of particles and powders. Solids Solutions can also attend seminars and presentations.

Sedimentation of nanoparticles

Various methods and techniques are used to determine the size of nanoparticles. One of these is sedimentation nanoparticles. In this method, the particles are added to a liquid, so that the sedimentation rate can be measured. Based on this information it is then possible to calculate the size of the particles. The sedimentation method uses X-rays to determine the sedimentation of particles in time intervals. This ensures that time is saved and the sedimentation is accurately measured.

Dynamic light scattering in powders

Dynamic light scattering is a widely used technique to calculate the size of powder particles. This means that the powder is scattered in a specific medium so that it floats through the air. From the scattering pattern, information about the size of the particles can be obtained. This pattern becomes clear when it is illuminated by a laser beam. It is determined by the interaction of the particles with the light.

Advice on product development

Are you stuck in the development of a product? Then Solids Solutions would like to help you find a suitable solution. We investigate where things go wrong and give advice on this basis. Please feel free to contact us.