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What is a UFI number?

A UFI number is something that you need when applying for a PCN, or a poison center notification. UFI stands for Unique Formula Identifier and is an alphanumeric code that is made up of 16 characters and is used to identify all the hazardous or potentially toxic substances that are present in your product. The UFI number always needs to be on point, because when there are inconsistencies with the UFI number of a product, the product can face a lot of backlash and lots of questions often will be raised against companies that have a UFI number that is not entirely correct.


The reason that a UFI number has become necessary in the past years is because of the fact that in the past centers have found it hard to determine what the composition of a toxic product is in case of a calamity when somebody is exposed to that specific product. When a UFI number is used, you can speed up this process because of the transparency of the ingredients and chemicals of certain products. The UFI number will always be printed with a specific code and be glued to the product. This way, researchers can easily scan or search the unique code and find all the ingredients that your product consists of.


Companies that import or manufacture their own products can create their own UFI number. Of course, this needs to be validated by external organizations that will research your product. If you would like to create your own UFI number you will need to create two individual codes. The first number is the VAT number and the second number is the number that will contain the specific ingredients or toxic that are used in your products.