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Strategists, analysts, advocates and Entrepreneurs: What We Do and Who We Are

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, analyst, strategist or advocate, it’s important to define who you are and what you do. What’s the difference between them? What are the core tasks that make up your role? How can you add value to your organization or those around you? How do these things tie in with larger roles like marketing or management? This blog post will address all of these questions and more to give a better understanding of the variety of roles available in modern business and how each contributes to the greater success of organizations and their leaders.

Our Mission & Why we do what we like to do

Our mission is to empower businesses like yours to make well-informed decisions about your small business technology needs. It’s because of that passion for helping our clients succeed that we provide ongoing consulting services free of charge. Now, when we say free of charge what exactly do we mean? First of all, no hidden costs or fees; if you hire us as a consultant there are no extra charges or fees above what you are quoted (with some exceptions). Our goal is to have as little influence on your decision making process as possible so you can take into account everything important to your decision without having any preconceived notions by us. So why do we offer our services for free?

The People Behind That Mission

People often wonder what it’s like to work at a nonprofit or advocacy organization. The truth is that each of our members has a story behind how we came to our respective positions in public health. Some of us are on their second stint in public health; some of us switched careers completely. And still others have been fighting for their community since before they were able to vote. Here’s who you’ll meet on any given day at Light Up – People in Public Health


How We Work

There’s always something to do here. Yes, we spend plenty of time working on strategy for existing clients; but we also brainstorm new work opportunities every day. That’s because both our internal culture and our client’s needs have evolved over time to require a broad range of services. An outside-the-box approach has become just as important as meticulous execution; we need to be able to act quickly while still handling projects with precision. Building those capabilities is part of what makes us one of Denver’s fastest growing firms.


One thing I love is a good challenge. The rush of adrenaline you get when working on a new project is incredible! The problem is that even though I love challenges there are times when it can become very stressful. But what if there was a good way to remove that stress so you could focus on delivering your best possible results? One of our clients, who we’ll call Marc had an upcoming presentation to deliver in front of his company’s leaders. He was extremely nervous because he wasn’t sure he would have all of his materials completed in time for his presentation. Luckily for him he contacted us (John). Our team quickly got together and worked with John to develop a strategy that allowed him to feel less stressed about getting his work done by preparing early for his presentation.

Strategic planning for Digital Futures

This post is to clarify what we do here at Digital Futures. Many people think we are SEO experts or that we only deal with social media. In reality, here at Digital Futures we focus on three major areas of strategy for our clients; Strategy Development (Research), Community Development (Social Media) and Competitive Analysis (SEO). Now that we have established some good rules on what each department does let’s take a look inside some of these departments as well as introduce you to some of our team members in order to give you a better idea of who they are and what they do within our agency.

Digital Futures Advocacy Toolkit

Over time, we have partnered with a wide range of clients from small businesses to some of Australia’s most well-known corporate companies. Our diverse clientele includes organisations such as NAB Group, Woolworths and Deutsche Bank. By collaborating with both local and international brands we ensure that our strategic digital marketing campaigns are truly unique. Whether you are after Google PPC management or lead generation on LinkedIn – our services cater for all your digital marketing needs. With a focus on customer service and results we take pride in working hard to meet your objectives and exceed your expectations! Contact Prodigious fellows to discuss how we can make a difference in your business performance online.

Digital marketing

Strategic thinkers are key in making sure that projects are managed properly so that they come in on time and within budget. Analysts look at a project before it’s executed to make sure that all of its pieces will fit together. Advocates ensure others have what they need to do their jobs. And entrepreneurs bring fresh ideas to every project by questioning assumptions about how things work (or should work). In other words, we’re a mix of people who know how to get things done—and we love a challenge.