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New Office Space in Glasgow for Clydesdale Bank

In the city of Glasgow, the Office building of the future has ‘recently ‘opened. At least that is what Amos Beech architects Glasgow claim to be the case with the new office building for Clydesdale Bank.
In close cooperation with Clydesdale Bank Amos Beech Architects created a ‘flexible, durable and timeless’ office space in Glasgow, which aims to contribute to the urban environment. The responsible architects bureau speaks of a ‘iconic inviting building for Glasgow with a view on the city’.


Clydesdale Bank Offices

“The desire of the client to be rock solidly present in the middle of the versatile sustainable society was translated by the architecs into this responsive sustainable building, close to the Glasgow Queen street and central railway stations.  It is a massive transparent design with a glas facade in organic form.”

The design for the new Clydesdale building came about within an integral Design & Build-design team, consisting of kraaijvanger Architects, BOAG, IOB, DGMR and DuraVermeer with the contractor as principal. Collectively, they realized a ‘ rock solid ‘ icon. “The building is an anchor in the city and is a model for the new Clydesdale Bank of the future. In a world where digital techniques prevail and more and more people communicate with each other on a distance, the bank has now realised a sustainable icon, where private customers and businesses alike, as well as stakeholders, schools and the not-for-profit sector can come together.”

The building looks open and transparent and has a BOC Excellent award and is very durable. Also in all other respects the new building is very ‘2019’!. So is the classic banking hall where the conventional desks are swapped for a customer contact center located at the sidewalls of the building. This contributes to activate the feeling of an inner-city space, according to Amos Beech Architects Glasgow .
In the building the theme ‘connecting’ is central. That theme is met by different means. Apart from the openness and transparency of the design what is also taken into account is for example, the involvement of local artists in the appearance of the building.

“By giving the space a public program in the form of an inviting high building plinth, the connection with the city is strengthened,” adds the spokesman. And with that the building is not only an appropriate space for the less hierarchical culture within the bank organisation, but in addition, also a tasteful expression of the changing role of banks in society.

Office Space Glasgow

Glasgow was one of the top 15 cities in the UK for startup and small business growth in 2019, putting a pressure on the available space for offices. 2018 has seen a record number of giant lettings of Grade A office spaces. Consequently, the vacancy rate for spaces in the city centre has reached an all-time low. 

Therefore it doesn’t surprise that prices for office space in Glasgow are on the rise with average prime rent price in Glasgow now in the region og was £30 per square foot in 2019.