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Is there a way to boost my marketing performance ROI?

Digital touchpoints enhance the consumer journey and broaden an organization’s reach, but they can’t function in a vacuum. Those who manage digital touchpoints also need to consider the impact of other relevant offline touchpoints that customers will interact with along the way. By placing all relevant touchpoints into a comprehensive marketing-mix strategy, decision-makers can identify the right talent and the best timing to maximize potential business goals. If handled correctly, each digital touchpoint can take care of itself without generating a negative effect on the change of conversions. This principle is called; multi-touch attribution

In today’s digital world, there is an abundance of touchpoints to help customers connect with your brand. In order to make better business decisions as a brand, you must learn as much as you can about each touchpoint and develop a plan that will help you maximize results. This strategy should include who is responsible for making it work when the touchpoint will be executed and with what resources. Without resources and strategic allocation of resources, your company does not have the ability to adapt and optimize the best. 


Incrementality is a measure of the proportion of revenue contributed by an activity, traffic source, or keyword. Analytics calculates incrementality as a percentage. Each % increment refers to how much one variable contributed to overall revenue as compared with another variable. In Google Analytics, advertisers compare metrics as % increments to determine the impact each playmaker had on performance. Incrementality is calculated by subtracting the performance of a campaign or activity that doesn’t have the keyword in question from the performance of a campaign or activity that does have the keyword. The difference between these two stats shows how much the keyword impacted the performance of the campaign. An incrementality greater than 0% indicates that the keyword had a positive impact on performance. A lower incrementality indicates that the keyword negatively affected performance, but not too much. The higher the incremental value, the more value you get from each individual keyword. The lower, the less value you get per individual keyword.