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Lead-Lined Cabinets Choice and flexibility

Our lead cabinets come in a variety of styles for the safe and orderly storage of a variety of radioactive materials. These may range from nuclear medical equipment to industrial radiation sources.

We provide a variety of conventional designs and bespoke designs to give a variety of drawer and combo storage solutions to suit particular storage and radiological protection needs.

An early engagement of a Radiation Protection Advisor is recommended. They’ll be able to assess the radiological protection needs of certain materials and recommend appropriate safeguards, such as the thickness of lead needed to ensure a safe degree of shielding.

Characteristics of our lead-lined cabinets

Please get in touch with us to talk about your particular lead-lined cabinet needs. Some helpful information regarding some of our main features may be found below.

  • Our cabinets all satisfy the necessary radiation shielding requirements.
  • There is no exposed lead since the lead shielding is completely enclosed inside the steel.
  • Standard lead shielding thicknesses are available.
  • It can be equipped with a lead glass observation window and cord storage.
  • Label card slots in locking cabinet doors
  • Up to 680 kg of weight may be supported.
  • A basic pallet jack can easily move cabinets.
  • Brackets for earthquake anchors are built-in.
  • A powder-coat finish provides a long-lasting finish.
  • Tops are made of stainless steel.
  • It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the other lead-lined or traditional cabinets.
  • To store x-ray heads for doing small-scale industrial x-rays (NDTs).

Test Facility with a Lead Shield of 41mm

Our client often wanted a test device that could be used quickly, safely, and efficiently. If the cover had been hinged, we suggested a sliding cover to eliminate the requirement for electricity.

All surfaces, including the lid, are shielded with 41mm lead.

The client requested a completely opening lid for simple access, which was accomplished using a sliding cover that could be opened and closed with little effort.

Therefore, we can make a lead-lined cabinet that suits their needs, whether medical or for other purposes.

Final Thoughts

Cabinets with lead glass inspection windows and cable mazes are available to order and may be equipped with lead glass inspection windows and cable mazes. Lead-lined cabinets are ideal for storing radioactive isotopes and other radioactive materials.

So, how can we help? Give us a call on (your number) or email us at (your email) to tell us about your requirements.


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